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Welcome to reversemergers.net

The need to raise capital often times accompanies the desire for a public status. This rocky road can be treacherous for the uniformed and uninitiated. We examine the most efficient and least costly ways to accomplish this, without giving away the store. Unfortunately, even worthy projects with solid concepts do not get funded because their structure is improper or the presentation lacks professionalism. In addition, having the right contacts is critical.

The process of going public fast may be new to you. Because it is involved, we have outlined the reasons you should consider going public. The advantages, disadvantages, specific processes, costs, timing and common misconceptions. Here you will see everything you wanted to know about other alternatives that are available.

Please contact us today by e-mail. We'll be happy to answer your questions. We also suggest you take advantage of our free examination of your project. There is no charge for this service. If you are seriously considering a public alternative let us know your goals, and give us a sketch of your project and a brief financial picture. If our analysts determine that your goal is viable they will let you know the feasibility of going to the next step, the various options and the costs you may incur. More importantly, we'll answer your questions.

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